The Liberian Business Association of the Americas (LIBA) was founded in 2007 in Maryland, the USA, as an independent business entity with its foremost objective to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of Liberian own businesses in the United States while at the same time working to preserve free competitive enterprise and strengthen the overall economy of Liberia.  The Association restructured in 2016 in Minneapolis. The first president of the association was Mrs. Hawa Johns.

We recognize that business is critical to our economic recovery and strength, to building Liberia’s future, and to helping Liberia compete in today’s global marketplace.

Our Mission:
The Liberian Business Association of America is an independent, non-profit, network of business professionals whose mission is to provide services that strengthen capacities, create tangible business values by establishing a professional forum through which information, knowledge, and opportunities can be exchanged.

LIBA will focus on helping new entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership, and assist existing businesses to remain competitive in this ever-changing global economy.

Our Vision: “To help individuals start, build and grow businesses.”

Our Value:

  • Creativity: We inspire creativity by developing and supporting entrepreneurs through a vast network of resource partners.
  • Advocate: We advocate for all businesses by building a productive partnership. 
  • Results: Our team focuses on delivering results, being accountable, accessible and responsive. 
  • Empower: We empower the spirit of entrepreneurship within every community to promote and realize the dream of being successful business owners. 
  • Success: We facilitate the environment necessary for small businesses to succeed, measuring our performance by business success.

Our Motto: “Diaspora Strong, Success Assured”