OUR APPROACH The Liberian Business Association of the Americas (LIBA) approach to business networking is based on an Open Source Governance Model. The organization is open to all individuals, companies, and associations that have an interest in aggregating and promoting business networking and opportunities. The value of the Liberian Business Association of the Americas lies […]

Christmas Greetings

Dear Members: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2017 has come and gone. It is a fact that minority-owned businesses are the bedrock of an economy and the Liberian Business Association in the Diaspora through its membership contribute to the economic development of our communities. I must admit, your contributions to LIBA have been […]

Announcement 11/2017

Dear Members: Let me use this time to welcome our new members and thank all of you for the hard work in promoting the interest, values, and mission of the Liberian Business Association. As you all know, we are in the second year of this endeavor and we are making strides to make the organization […]


A message from the President: Greetings. You are receiving this letter because you are a Liberian or Liberian American who owns a business in the Diaspora. LIBA-USA was restructured in 2016 to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of Liberian-owned businesses in the Diaspora while working to preserve free competitive enterprise and strengthen the […]

LIBAUSA Members Donate

This child is living in pain due to “bilateral retinoblastoma”, according to medical report from Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital. A team of eye surgeons from India presently visiting the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia told the parents that they don’t have the equipment needed to save her life except she is taken […]


LIBAUSA Delegation met with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) in Liberia. The delegation was on a fact-finding mission to Liberia. Commissioner Alfreda Tamba discussed some of the challenges LRA is facing with shipments from Liberians in the Diaspora.

LIBAUSA Donates Computers

Corporate social responsibility has traditionally been associated with philanthropy. At the Liberian Business Association (LIBA-USA), however, corporate citizenship means more to us. Liberians from the diaspora wanting to do business in Liberia must understand the complexities of the environment in which they want to operate. For example, the problems of endemic corruption, lack of respect […]