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The Liberian Business Association of the Americas (LIBA) approach to business networking is based on an Open Source Governance Model. The organization is open to all individuals, companies and associations that have interest in aggregating and promoting business networking and opportunities. The value of the Liberian Business Association of the Americas lies in its participants and affiliates. Our goal is to enhance networking opportunities, create interlocking relationships with broad powers and deep reach. LIBA operates through the means of a nonprofit corporation and aims to enjoy the support of anyone who shares its vision of an open exchange network.

Are you a partisan organization?

We are a nonpartisan, pro-business organization that supports and focuses on business development and helping to rebuild Liberia.

How do you know new members are reputable?

Our application process goes through a vetting process by a Vetting Committee. Businesses are accepted only after the Committee approves it.

Can anyone join LIBAUSA?

No. You must have a business to be a part of this association. Any business entity interested in networking, advocacy, leadership development, and becoming more involved in business interactions and transaction in our communities can join.