In order to become a member of the LIBA, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Be a Liberian owned business in good standing within the United States.
  2. Proof of business registration to be fixed for our records.
  3. Complete online application and submit payment for the category of membership.
  4. Upon approval, the member will receive benefits as listed. Read membership categories 

Membership Categories

  • Renewal: Open to all previous members. Members are required to renew membership to LIBAUSA annually. Fee for renewal is $125.00.  
  • Regular Membership (Premium): Open to any Liberian owned licensed business in the United States. Fee for membership is $150.00.. 
  • Affiliating Members (Gold): Open to any venture capital firm or state or local development company. Any person or firm affiliated with or providing service to LIBAUSA, including law firms, accounting firms, and corporate pension funds ($250). .

 Members Advantage

  • LIBA helps its members uncover and develop business opportunities.
  • Members can tap into a broad network of contacts and resources.
  • Members will have access to an online database of individuals and corporations, and regular business networking events.
  • Small business loans for businesses in both the United States and Liberia
  • Technical and technological support for businesses in both the United States and Liberia.
  • Connect Liberian Business Entrepreneurs in the US to opportunities
  • Preference to most LIBA held events.
  • Promote business to other members ( B2B)
  • Benefit from prearranged discounts from multiple vendors
  • Participate in group insurance and investment programs
  • Gain access to LIBA resource database
  • Post to the Job Board
  • Direct access to Liberia based projects ( Win bids for Government procured contracts)
  • Receive the LIBA Member Certificate for wall display
  • Receive the LIBA Member Certificate label for upload to your website
  • Participate in various discount benefit programs
  • Receive the LIBA T-shirt
  • and more…

LIBA MEMBERSHIP GOALS  Among them must be the following:

  • Strong and reasonable commitment ensuring the continuance improvement of the organization programs.
  • Reasonable government regulations that allow the organization to serve the interests of both their investors and business portfolio companies in an effective manner without being subject to costly and unnecessary regulations or potential penalties.
  • Adequate government-guaranteed leverage in the years to come for those businesses relying on it for the execution of their business plans.
  • Cost-effective, highly professional advocates to help smaller businesses especially those in Liberia secure business opportunities.
  • A networked professional association that builds operational value for its members through educational programs, publications, meetings, and general information sharing. 

GENERAL BENEFITS of MEMBERSHIP As a national organization, LIBA can be in many places at the same time and serve as our members’ eyes, ears and voice through negotiated representation through our many programs and services. Other Membership Advantages As a paying member of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), you have access to a number of free and discounted services. These includes the following:

  • Trade Delegations: As a member of LIBA, you are informed of all relevant trade delegations and business matching in your area of expertise free of charge.
  • Trade Fairs: LIBA members are informed of all sector-specific trade fairs and trade shows held locally and internationally free of charge.
  • Assistance in Finding Local and International Partners: The LIBA facilitates linkages between members and international companies in search of local partners free of charge.
  • Access to our Website and Membership Database: LIBA members have access to the LIBA’s website that provides information on upcoming events and policy issues. This includes access to LIBA membership database free of charge.
  • LIBA Newsletter: Our members receive the LIBA newsletter that provides information on business developments both in the U.S and Liberia free of charge.
  • Participation in LIBA Conferences and Seminars: LIBA members are invited to participate in conferences and seminars on business-related issues.
  • Participation in Training and Workshops: LIBA works to provide training on operational issues that will assist members in expanding and furthering their businesses free of charge or for a discounted fee.
  • Participation in the Business Luncheons: Members are invited to participate in the regular Business Luncheons that gather policy makers and major stakeholders of the business community for a discounted fee.
  • Forming Part of the LIBA Business Network: LIBA organizes business networks for members interested in the same issues to share experiences and challenges, participate in workshops and provide inputs to the policy efforts of the LIBA free of charge.
  • Access to Internet and meeting Facilities: Members have access to meeting facilities free of charge.
  • The LIBA Conference Hall: Members can rent the LIBA conference hall for workshops and meetings at a discounted fee.

Business Opportunities: The Liberian Business Association of the Americas helps its members uncover and develop business opportunities. Members are encouraged to contribute to the development of the organization, through business development, market research, legal services, organization of events and conferences.